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We are pleased to represent brilliant and talented, professionals from all over the world who have created captivating Advertising, Film, Music and artistic content. Our team and partners have decades of experience in Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Music and Video Production as well as innovative entrepreneurs. Many of them have achieved recognition and success all over the world especially in Europe, Asia, South, Central and North America.


Will you like to be part of the movement?

You areto become part of the C4 Network! If you are an out of the box professional seeking to combine strengths and talents in developing higher quality, long term projects benefiting both the market and each party income Summit your info and lets get started.


Turn your idea into a professional-looking film that showcases your talents.  Do you need a production company to turn your idea into a film?

Once Approved we start the process and let your investment become as production credit and you may be star of the dream you wish comes to reality.



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New York:

5 Penn Plaza, 19th Floor,

Manhattan, New York, 10001


300 S Biscayne Blv. Met 1

Miami, FL 33131